Marked William Spratling Vintage Sterling Bracelet

$ 1,295.00

Heavy Taxco Sterling Silver Bracelet | Artist William Spratling | Traditional Indian Motif | 925 Authentic William Spratling Marked

 Hector Aguilar Mark

Aguilar’s work is considered some of the most valuable and collectible Taxco sterling silver in the world today. Mexican silver enthusiasts prize it and his work is highly sought after.

The Taxco School, as it is known today, was formed largely from former William Spratling employees such as Héctor Aguilar, the Castillo brothers, Antonio Pineda, and Valentin Viadurreta, who brought a Mexican eye to Art Deco. Naturally, these artisans and their shops became incubators for still more generations of silversmiths.

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