"Lounge Chair - Arm" | Macintosh Design

$ 1,700.00

Mackintosh Design Arm Chair |  Derivative of the Helensburgh "Hill House" Chair | Reproduced Cassina | Colliezione "Cassina I Maestri" |

Although the chair has a "stereo metric" value, it is derivative of the Helensburgh "Hill House" Chair.

The lattice work of the back, embellished with a "mother of pearl" inlay, stresses the separation between the inside and outside of the chair.  The seat is "twisted fiber."

Interestingly, this "Chair with Arms," were to be placed at the "heads of the table," and were intended for the family's parents, as was customary in Scottish Patriarchal Families.

  • Details:
    • Height: 75 cm (29.5")
    • Seat Height: 45 cm (17.2")
    • Depth: 45 cm (17.2")
    • Width: 52 cm (20.47")


Cassina (Milan Italy) was granted the Exclusive Reproduction Rights (1972) by the University of Glasgow, Heir to the Artistic Estate of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, which is part of the Collezione "Cassina I Maestri," which also includes designs by:

Each piece of furniture in the Collezione "Cassina I Maestri" is branded with

  • the Signature of the Author, whose Copyright belongs to his Heirs and is of which has been granted to Cassina
  • the Collezione "Cassina I Maestri," Logotype
  • the Production Number; this serves to place the item in the chronology of production to tally with the identity card (which bears the same number
  • to show that
    • a final quality check has been carried out and
    • allow the Heirs control as far as compliance with Copyright

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