Our lamps are designed to assist in the distinctive sculpting of any interior space. We make almost all items on the premises.  We locate and incorporate unique porcelain and local pottery.  Any interesting item that delights us can be turned into a lamp.  Accordingly, design possibilities range from a traditional lamp to a truly one-of-a kind item.

We also curate antique rarities dated from the Ming Dynasty to the mid- twentieth century.  A complete online presentation is currently in production. Select items currently on display may be viewed here.



A full line of lampshades are on our premises to complete any design criterion dictated by existing lamps or fabrics.  We gladly make shades from fabric provided by the customer, and we stock a prime collection of top quality shades.  You will find a design consultant on premise to help you personally match a shade to your lamp properly, that is definite.  Customer Service is Supreme here.



We feature a dazzling array of finials from metal to crystal, from carved to porcelain.



We stock both mid-century antique and new mirrors.



George shops at numerous markets in pursuit of one-of-a-kind accessories, so many antique pieces are available to provide the exacting final touch.


Antique and Vintage Lamps

We continually curate antique and mid-century pieces for our exclusive collection with great care taken to adapt these modern functionality.

Thompson-Lynch is also a showroom for a sister company, Fabulous Lamps! (Designed for the Trade but everyone is welcomed to purchase!).

Additionally, George Viall is a well-known lighting "subject matter expert" at the International Furniture Markets to many very Extremely High Quality Furniture Designers and Companies.  He personally appoints lighting in many showrooms and has been to 70( Seventy … yes.) High Point International Furniture Markets, in addition to New York, Dallas, and Atlanta Markets as well.


Repair Services(aka The Lamp Hospital)

Thompson-Lynch has maintained its exemplary reputation for lamp repair since the first half of the twentieth century, and is well-known and respected for  reliable and expert repairs of all kinds of lamps and chandeliers.  Our goal is to exceed every client's expectation with superb customer service and the authentic restoration of each exclusive property.


Bespoken Lamp Design & Construction

We have been building lamps for our customers, designers, and ourselves for more then 36 years, and have created lamps out of everything from football helmets to antique vases.

George is a seasoned Lamp Artist and has carefully honed his lamp design over the course of several decades. He designs and builds almost all of Thomas-Lynch's lamps, and creates national and international products under the George V Collection.


Chandelier Repair

Thompson-Lynch has been selling chandeliers and fixtures since the late 1920's.  We are well-skilled to repair every type of light fixture we sell, especially chandeliers. George considers them to be an enjoyable way to express art.


Chandelier Rewiring

We are always ready to schedule repairs for chandeliers and fixtures.   Most problems are solved with re-wiring, but we specialize in all nature of repair work.  Old sockets may be a concern, and rayon wiring, for example, degrades under fabric over the years.  European lamps require UL retrofitting.


Crystal Chandeliers

"There is no other person who takes such pride and care in dealing with a chandelier! My family never considered another person to handle the Family Chandelier widen Mom and Dad moved and my mother never called anyone else when she needed a custom lighting solution for tapestries.!" R.Woodson IV

George is well-known for his Unique Crystal Chandelier Artistry.  He travels extensively to perform on-site cleaning.  He dismantles complex and ernormous crystal chandeliers for restoration in our Raleigh shop, and has access to most crystal parts available in the world.


Many Chandeliers have Thousands of Pieces.

George cleans each piece in the appropriate solution to be rinsed and hand-polished.  New wire and sockets are installed, and any missing prisms are replaced. 

Chandeliers are a PASSION and Personal Hobby for George Viall.

Also please note:  Parts of all kinds for chandeliers are also available for sale at the Thompson Lynch store..