Thompson-Lynch, the "brick & mortar" home base of the GEORGE V COLLECTION, has a long and inspired history in Raleigh, North Carolina.

There really is a man named George, who makes it his quest and adventure to travel the world to locate and collect beautiful antiquities.   He light-heartedly refers to himself as the Indiana Jones of the "finest rarest antiquity world."

Thompson-Lynch Company opened its doors in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina in 1925 when two merchants, Thompson and Lynch, joined together to form an appliance and lighting company.  During this era, many towns in the surrounding area of North Carolina that had only acquired electricity a few years earlier.

The business moved from the downtown Raleigh district to Cameron Village in 1978.  Cameron Village, completed in 1949, was the first shopping center of its kind in the southeastern United States.  Thompson-Lynch has owned many businesses in the Cameron Village shopping mecca over the decades, including a children's clothing store, a long-established soda shop, and a restaurant.

In order to accomodate the need for more space, Thompson-Lynch has recently relocated to 2123 Atlantic Avenue, at the intersection of Whitaker Mill Road.

Thompson Lynch Company

George and Debbie Viall, partners in life and business, own the Thompson Lynch Company store. As George has been taking new ventures, Debbie has become the beautiful face that customers see when they visit the store. George has reconciled himself to being second (yes, number 2) behind Debbie's popularity in representing the longstanding brand and hard-earned reputation for supreme service. George occasionally does find himself trying to help a customer, only to find they are "waiting for Debbie…"

George has mused that occasionally he sees a puzzled look on a customer's face that seems to say "he must be new here…."

Superior quality work at a reasonable price is the mission of the Thompson Lynch Company.

Eighty percent ( 80% ) of the unique "Thompson Lynch custom products" are made on-site in the store's workshop.

Debbie, George and the rest of the Thompson Lynch staff DO take the time to learn their customers preferences, and enjoy helping each client find or create the perfect design solution incorporating lamps, finials (many custom-made), chandeliers, original art, frames, ceramics, furnishings, jewelry and various exquisite accessories.

Customers Trust our Aesthetic!

They oftentimes bring us a favorite collectable, an heirloom, or a sentimental item to re-imagine and transform into a lamp.

For 36 years, building friendships along with the signature unique lamps ~ created and imagined…

This Same Family has owned Thompson-Lynch since 1977.  It is truly is a family business, building upon a Tradition of Excellence in Interior Design Solutions.

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