Special Unique Collections | Curated by George Viall

Providing Expert Advice and Upscale Decor for Elegance, Sophistication, and Relevant Style for every Client and Space, Home and Office, for over 36 years ...

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Collections Curated by George Viall, a Subject Matter Expert in Fine Lighting and Furnishings with Historical Excellence and Exquisite Taste.

  • Find the Unique Vintage Lamp from the Ming Dynasty in FABULOUS LAMPS,
  • Notice the Detailed Craftsmanship on a Antique Mahogany Frame in the CENTURY FRAMES Collection,
  • Purchase a Very Special Piece of Jewelry, perhaps made by one of the Top Five Maestros from Taxco, Mexico (Spratling, Aguilar) in the GALLERY 20 JEWELRY Collection as well as American Modernist Jewelers and Others from around the World
  • Shop for the Perfect Accessory for your Space from the GALLERY 20 Collection.

The Brick and Mortar Presence, THOMPSON LYNCH, is the Physical Location where the Exceptional Lighting Solutions are sold to Local Interior Designers as well as Our Retail Customers, including Lamps, Artwork, and Accessories.  (This Inventory will be Populated on this Website very soon.)

Showings of featured FABULOUS LAMPS, CENTURY FRAMES and  GALLERY 20 COLLECTIONS  are exhibited in the THOMPSON LYNCH Showroom at selected times of the year.  

Currently, the GALLERY 20 JEWELRY Collection is being exhibited in the Showroom of Thompson Lynch, Located  at  2123 Atlantic Avenue in Raleigh NC.